quinoa soup

sopa de quinua ingr sopa de quinua

Serves 4

  • 100 g quinoa
  • 4 small potatoes
  • 1 small piece of pumpkin
  • 4 small leek
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 handful of corn kernels
  • half a teaspoon of chili powder or paprika
  • salt
  • parsley
  • olive oil
  • 1 liter and half of water

1 quinua en agua

Wash the quinoa and soak it for about 2 hours, changing the water twice.

Once the quiona is ready, drain it and add it to a pot with water and cook it on high heat until it boils. Then drain it, and cook it for another 15 minutes with clean water. Drain it and save it for later.

2 choclo y su agua

Put the corn kernels to boil for 5 minutes in half liter of water. Reserve the corn kernels and the resulting broth.

3 picado para la sopa de quinua

Clean and chop the pumpkin, potatoes, leek, onions, garlic and parsley.

4 sopa de quinua rehogado

In a pot with olive oil, fry lightly leek, onions and garlic.

5 sopa de quinua rehogadoo

When the vegetables are poached, add the pumpkin and the potatoes.

Stir it and add the parsley.

6 sopa de quinua rehogadooo

Add the corn kernels, their water and an extra litter of water.

7 sopa de quinuaa

When it boils, reduce the heat and add the quinoa, salt and chili powder.

The soup is ready when the potatoes and the pumpkin are soft and the quinoa grains are open and transparent (about 15 minutes).


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