cheese roti

roti ingr roti de quesoo

For 4 cheese roti:

  • The same ingredientes and steps as the roti
  • 160 gr cheese

1 mezclar huevo mantequilla sal 2 añadir harina 3 mezclar4 añadir agua 5 mas agua 6 amasar7 formar una bola 8 cubrir 9 formar bolitas 18 o formar 3 bolas y cubrir

The same steps as the roti until forming the small balls.

10 estirar 26 o rellenar de queso

One to one, stretch them until they are rectangular and almost transparent sheets. Chop cheese and place around 80 gr on the center of roti.

27 doblar 28 doblar 29 doblar 30 doblar 31 aplanar

Fold one of the longer sides towards the center to cover the cheese. Fold the other side over it. Then, fold the bottom third to the center and, finally, the top third over it. Flatten slightly the roti.

32 freir

Grease a griddle with a little oil and cook the roti on medioum-low heat. Fry them for 5 minutes on each side until they are crispy and golden.

roti de queso

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