filled eggs

huevos rellenos ingr huevos rellenoss

Serves 4

8 escurrir bonito desmenuzar bonito

Drain the tuna and shred it.

tomate frito mahonesa

Prepare tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

1 hervir 2 huevos 1 pelar y partir por la mitad

Place the eggs in a pot with cold water and salt. Cook it on medium heat. Ten minutes after the water starts boiling, remove the eggs from the heat and let them cool.

Remove the yolks. Place the egg whites in a plate.

2 mezclar tomate, huevo y bonito 3 mezclar tomate, huevo y bonito

Smash the yolks and mix them with the tuna in a bowl. Add enough tomato sauce until the mixture is juicy.

4 rellenar

Fill the egg whites with the mix.

5 cubrir de mahonesa 6 cubrir de mahonesa

Cover the filled eggs with mayonnaise.

huevos rellenos

Before serving, place them into the fridge for a few minutes.


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